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February 25 - 26
10 am to 5pm

  • How to get rid of mental problems easily?
  • What are the real causes of mental issues?
  • When and how children’s character formation takes place?
  • What is the real reason why individuals become antisocial?
  • How to raise children to be good in family?
  • How to easily distinguish the true nature and lifestyles of individuals?
  • What is the role of mind in business?
  • Role of emotions in business
  • The most important things for partners to note.
  • How to identify other people’s problems easily?
  • How to identify and solve family problems easily?
  • How to communicate effectively?
  • How to master the art of public speaking
  • Things to note on Job Selection
  • Career Guidance based of psychology
  • How is Life Redesigning Possible?
  • Art of parenting

Next Camp - Michaels Land Resort
2023 January, Kochi, Ernakulam

Course Details

Duration: Two days and one night
Participation of No: 20
Age Limit: 18+
Certificate: LEHDC, WHRDE (Optional)
Class Days: Saturday – Sunday and on other suitable days
Time: 10 am to next day 5pm

Medium: Malayalam

Practical Counseling Topics
Legal Issues
Mental programming
Personality Development
Career and Job Selection
Personality Analysis
Emotional management
Life Management
NLP therapy
Premarital counseling
Family counseling
Effective parenting
School Counseling

Course Fee: 8500/- Couple16000
(Including food and accommodation)
Special Fee 7000/- Couple – 12000

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